Pick An Excuse, the iPhone App

An excuse for any occasion -- perfect to get out of work and family events!

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Send text messages, emails and share to Facebook and Twitter from the Pick An Excuse iPhone application.
Fun for all ages!

What is it?

Pick An Excuse is an iPhone Application you can download free from the Apple iTunes Application Store. We have over 1,000 excuses and growing you can use on your friends, co-workers, family and other annoying people that you meet. Within three touches, you can be getting out of work, family events, and more!

This is the first of several applications we're working on (and there's a Android version coming).The next one is in the works with even more tasteless content -- so look for more of them!

How does it work?

It's easy -- you search for an excuse, and select how you want to send it, and it uses your address book to send it by text or by email. You can also share excuses with your friends on Facebook and Twitter (using your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts), favorite excuses for use later, and add new excuses to share with your friends and family.

What are the cool things I can do with it?

  • Shake the phone at any time to get a randomly selected excuse
  • When viewing an excuse, favorite it by selecting the star in the top right corner.
  • Add your own excuses by hitting plus -- future versions may support private excuses!

Who's writing these excuses?

That's the best part! Some of the excuses are written by unemployed professional comedy writers, out of work because of the glut of unfunny people posting on the web obscuring actual talent because they have large twitter followings. We have over 1,000 excuses to choose from!

If you think you're funny, and want to contribute en masse, send us a note.

Who's behind this app?

Patrick Neeman is a User Experience Consultant and the Managing Principal of Usability Counts, a User Experience Agency based in San Francisco, but with presences in Los Angeles, New York and Vancouver. You can find his blog at Usability Counts